About Us

We are a Sister-In-Law team who love to design and create for all special occasions, small or large. Whether it be a housewarming gift basket, a special package for Grandma or a special occasion, our minds are always swirling with new and innovative ways to decorate and create your special gifts. Coming from large European families there is always an occasion to celebrate and if not we will find a reason to celebrate, from bridal and baby showers, to first birthdays, champagne birthdays and anniversaries.

After many years of being involved in family and friends events, we feel its finally our turn to assist those outside of our circle. We planned each others bridal showers and overall plans for our weddings and found our niche, plus we had a blast doing it together. We received many compliments which have led to friends and other family members reaching out to us for assistance on their events. Through assisting in these events we came to realize that this was our true passion and our attention to detail and quality has made us a hit within our inner circle. So, after careful thinking and planning we decided we wanted to start our own business, providing services in what we love to do best, designing and creating that extra special touch that will make your event wonderful and memorable. We are dedicated to adding the extra special touches that go a long way into making a memory, as we want our customers to remember back fondly on their occasions as we still do when we remember ours.